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Diabetes Wellness

IDHC promotes diabetes awareness from an Indigenous perspective and assists Indigenous communities in identifying appropriate resources and services, planning, prevention and awareness strategies and coordinating community/regional programs and events based on community needs.


Knowledge Department

Our Knowledge Department combines traditional wisdom with current diabetes education, while incorporating First Nations, Métis, Inuit and mainstream influences. This program supports front line workers to plan, prepare and present relevant information about diabetes while also educating on Indigenous perspectives of health and wellness.


Foot Care Program

Our Foot Care Program is aimed towards Indigenous people affected by or at risk of diabetes and its complications. Our holistic model supports a continuum of seamless services including educating and connecting community members to Indigenous agency partners and local health professionals.


Menu of Services

Healthy Menu of Services

Leader in delivery of holistic wellness models of care — reflecting body, mind and spirit — to reduce impacts of type 2 diabetes on Indigenous peoples in Ontario and build community capacity in diabetes prevention.


  • Foot care education
  • Ongoing foot care clinics
  • Subsidy program
  • Self-care kits


  • Culturally-appropriate wellness resources
  • Professional certification through ICBOC
  • Professional training (such as Foot Care Level 1, Diabetes Awareness, Gestational Diabetes Prevention and more)


  • Healthy lifestyle presentations from Indigenous perspectives
  • Workshops and interactive healthy living activities
  • Annual Event

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