The Foundation of “Who We Are”

Seven-Spans-Thick Teachings


• Kahretsya:ron (Words of Encouragement)
• Kanikonri:io (Good Mind)
• Kasahsten:sera (Strength)
• Kanoronkwa:sra (Great Love Among Us)
• Senitweho:ten (Spirituality)
• Awenho:ten (Kind, Caring Words that Support and Nurture)
• Ohtennita:onsra (Compassion)

Seven Grandfather Teachings


• Nbwaakaawin (Wisdom)
• Debwewin (Truth)
• Aakidehewin (Courage)
• Zaagidwin (Love)
• Gwekwaadziwin (Honesty)
• Mnaandendmowin (Respect)
• Dbaadendziwin (Humility)

Our staff

Board of Directors

Headshot of Constance McKnight

Constance McKnight

President of the Board of Directors
Headshot of Dr. Agnes Coutinho

Dr. Agnes Coutinho, PhD, R.Kin.

Assistant Program Head, University of Guelph-Humber & Board Director/Past Chair at National Aboriginal Diabetes Association (NADA) and IDHC Vice President
Headshot of Stephanie Peplinskie

Stephanie Peplinskie

Union of Ontario Indians, North Bay, long-standing IDHC Secretary/Treasurer
Headshot of Isadore Day

Isadore Day

CEO at Bimaadzwin, former Ontario Regional Chief and IDHC Director
Headshot of Cindy Hunt

Cindy Hunt

Director, Primary Health Care Team at Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority and IDHC Director
Headshot of Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor

Long-standing IDHC Director and former IDHC President
Headshot of Robert Tenneriello

Robert Tenneriello, RD, BScNU

Senior Manager at Indigenous Services Canada in Ottawa and IDHC Director


Headshot of Allan Jamieson Sr.

Allan Jamieson Sr.

Headshot of Renée  Thomas-Hill

Renée Thomas-Hill