World Water Day

21 May 2024

Hydration supports eye health. Ensure you’re drinking enough water for proper lubrication—and to prevent dry eyes.  

Hypertension Awareness Month.

20 May 2024

High blood pressure can lead to serious complications—such as heart disease and stroke—especially if living with diabetes. Eat a variety of nutritious foods, be active and reduce your stress.

Vision Health Month.

13 May 2024

Taking care of our eyes is as important as taking care of our hearts. Vision loss can be prevented.

Vision Health Month

7 May 2024

A regular eye exam—by a doctor of optometry—is the best way to stay on top of eye health.

Foot Care Month.

6 May 2024

Taking care of our feet is especially important when living with diabetes. Check your feet daily to ensure there are no cuts or bruising. If you notice any, consult your health care provider as soon as possible.