Full Moon: Cold Moon

27 December 2023

In December, the winter cold sets in and the nights become long and dark. This full Moon is also called the Long Nights Moon.

It is the Time ot Giving.

25 December 2023

Our ancestors gave their most prized possessions away this time of year to those who would appreciate them.

Winter Solstice

21 December 2023

A time to honor and acknowledge the natural patterns of our universe and existence.

Reset Yourself.

21 December 2023

Sit in a quiet place. Connect with your breath. Set a timer. Breathe in and out calmly and patiently for about 5 minutes.

Support your mental health.

20 December 2023

Take care of your health this holiday season. Stop and appreciate something or someone you are thankful for. Visit close family and friends.

The inside air can be drier, drying our skin.

18 December 2023

This time of year brings changes, not only to the calendar, but to our bodies. Moisturize and treat dry skin, especially our feet for those living with diabetes.