Peanut Butter and Squash Hummus

8 December 2021

Definitely a winner! Protein-rich, fiber-rich, flavor-packed butternut squash and peanut butter dip. A little nutty, a little sweet, a little zesty and oh-so-creamy. The perfect, nourishing, everyday snack. Ingredients 1½ cup butternut squash puree 1 15-oz can of chickpeas 3 …

Foot Care Program Improvements

8 December 2021

For more information contact, Lindsey Cosh, Foot Care Program Coordinator at or C. 289-668-0551 or T. 1-888-514-1370 ext. 108 or T. 705-222-1370 x201

Expressive Arts Therapy

8 December 2021

Starting January 20, 2022 Qualia Counselling services will be hosting a 12-week expressive arts group for adults every Thursday from 6:00PM until 8:300PM. This group is an experiential and educational therapy that focuses on ways to support mental wellness through …

Five-Bean Soup

1 December 2021

It’s soup season! Beans are nutritious (high in protein, high in fibre, low fat and cholesterol free) and economical! Ingredients • 6 cups water • 5 cans beans (1 each of your favourite beans) • 2 chicken legs (skin removed) …

Diabetes And Cold Weather

30 November 2021

This can lead to higher HbA1c levels for people of all diabetes types. Cold-weather habits to help keep us in a healthy range and boost our winter vitality: Stick to a regular blood-checking schedule especially over the holidays. Dress for …


28 November 2021

We can achieve a healthy life when living with diabetes.

Wild Mint Refreshes All Of Our Senses

27 November 2021

Take time to enjoy a breath of fresh November air, by going for a brisk walk. Then curl up with your favourite book while enjoying a cup of mint leaf tea.

Body. Emotion. Mind. Spirit.

25 November 2021

With increased knowledge of self. We are able to make informed choices for our stability growth and transformation. Living with Diabetes involves being mindful of balancing care.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

23 November 2021

Less sunlight and shorter days are thought to contribute to many experiencing some form of seasonal affective dissorder. Adjusting our diet to compensate for these changes can help us beat the winter blues. Some foods that we can eat to …


20 November 2021

Aside from medications, there are many things we can do ourselves when we live with Diabetes to manage the disease in a healthy way. And get out and walk in the explosion of beauty in nature this time of year.