Bees Are Essential To This Process

5 November 2021

Indigenous Peoples throughout the world carry a wholistic view and intrinsically know that everything is interconnected. Every being has a role to play in our health and wellbeing. Ensure that these little workers have enough pollen and nectar to forage …

Restoring Balance, Strength, and Vitality.

4 November 2021

Celebrate Your Body With Gratitude And The Gift Of Movement. When you move and breathe, envision healing energy circulating throughout your body. Exercise is an important part of a good diabetes-management plan. It helps regulate blood sugar levels. Exercising iS …

Time Of Freezing Up Moon

2 November 2021

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Time Of Giving Thanks Moon. This month, take the journey deep within and discover the mysteries that lay in wait. This is a time for doing the work needed to let go of all the …

Take Some Time To Learn All We Can About It

1 November 2021

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Knowledge is power. Take Charge Of Our Own Health. Taking steps now can help us to know what we can do to prevent diabetes, and/or the complications of diabetes.

Doing something kind for someone.

28 October 2021

Cultivating healthy and positive relationships can impact our holistic health by lifting our spirits, reducing stress, and giving rise togood feelings. Listening attentively when talking with a loved one, offering a helping hand, and making peace where possible, are beautiful …

Spooky Steps: Have a Healthy Halloween

26 October 2021

Plan a safe trick-or-treating route and track your steps using your favourite pedometer app! How many spooky steps did you take this year? Use your findings as a baseline for future walks and adventures. Let’s swap out those high sugar-laden …

Harvest Moon

22 October 2021

Yellow-coloured root vegetables are sweeter than their red root relatives. Root vegetables are packed with fiber and antioxidants. Golden Beets are a healthy heart option and decrease the risk of heart disease. Yellow beets also help clear toxins from the …

Harvest Moon

21 October 2021

Our time on earth can be thought of as a circular path with many smaller paths or opportunities to go one way or the other. Using the discipline of the good mind, life experience, lessons from those around us, and …