with Healthy Mindful Eating HOWS AND WHYS

About the Event

Mindful eating is a way of eating that helps you be more in control of your eating habits without feeling judgement or shame in the way you sometimes do when “dieting”. It involves maintaining in-the-moment awarness of what you are consuming. Unlike a diet, mindful eating does not involve rules of eating. There are many benefits to mindful eating. It can help you slow down your eating, support weight loss, help
reduce binge eating, improve digestion, change your overall relationship with food, help you appreciate your food more and help you make better food choices overall. When you are mindful about what you are eating, you are paying close attention to what you are putting into your body and why.

Mindful eating has been shown to be effective in reducing binge eating and overeating. Because you are looking at why you are eating, you will begin to raise your awareness about when you are eating for
emotional reasons, rather than because you are hungry. This is critical to successful, long-term weight loss. If mindful eating makes no sense to you, join this session.

Session host. Crystal Bomberry, will discuss a mindful eating step by step, so you can experience the goodness for yourself.

  • being “mindful” in the practices of food selection, food prep and eating
  • using the “balanced plate” method in making well rounded meals
  • exploring some simple nutritious meal ideas strengthening our connection and reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth

For more information contact Crystal Bomberry at dwwwest@idhc.life