Four-Part Wellness Series

About the Event

Indigenous peoples everywhere observe the Winter Solstice. It is the day that the sun is the furthest from the equator. Indigenous peoples value the natural world of connection and Solstice is a time to honor and acknowledge the natural patterns of our universe and existence.

This Event is An Invitation

Join us as together, we take the opportunity to reconnect to the natural world, broaden our understanding of holistic wellness, be more aware and intentional in daily life, and use known self-care wisdom and tools to access our most powerful selves.


  • December 13: Taking Time to Reset: Relaxation as an Act of Self-Love
  • December 14: Active Living: Moving & Shifting as Energy Beings
  • December 15: Tending to our Mind & Emotions for Healthy Relations to Food
  • December 16: Mindfulness Practices to Balance the Day

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