Expressive Arts Therapy

December 8, 2021

Starting January 20, 2022 Qualia Counselling services will be hosting a 12-week expressive arts group for adults every Thursday from 6:00PM until 8:300PM.

This group is an experiential and educational therapy that focuses on ways to support mental wellness through creative expression. Activities will include emotional processing, visualization and imagery, whole-brain and body-based processing, dialoguing with your images, re-storying, and visual journaling. Activities will tie in with several foundational Cognitive Behavior Therapy concepts. Members will be introduced to a variety of art media.

If you would like to express your emotions through art, please register today.

▫ Six Nations – Office(519)-445-1929 Cellphone: (226)-792 8433;

▫ Brantford – Office: (519)-720-9922 Cellphone:(519)-209-1908

Free with proof of valid certificate of status.