Our purpose is to provide foot care services to Indigenous people that are affected by or at risk of diabetes and its complications. We strive to support individuals through education, self-care resources, professional screening, ongoing care and referrals. Our holistic model supports a continuum of seamless services which include creating a foot care network that educates and connects community members to Indigenous agency partners and local health professionals.

Our services to individuals, organizations & communities include:

  • Holistic Foot Care group trainings for organizations and communities
  • Self Care and Prevention Resources
  • Ongoing Foot Care Clinics
  • Foot Care Subsidy for orthotics, proper footwear and other essential equipment

Foot care program contacts

Foot Care Program Coordinator

(289) 668-0551

Client Service Finance

C. 705-507-9401
T. 705-222-1370 ext. 2021

Client Services Nurse

C. (289) 407-6934
T. 1 (888) 514-1370

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