Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kathy Absolon

October 22, 2022

Dr. Kathy Absolon has been on a journey of cultural recovery. Her journey informs her role as a leader in community-based projects, research and education. Dr. Absolon’s projects
have primarily been within Indigenous communities both on reserve and off reserve in urban centers. Her work is impacted by being a first generation survivor of the Indian Residential School system and as such she acknowledges the legacy of trauma and resilience among survivors. Dr. Absolon conducted workshops and training for survivors of the Indian Residential School legacy in Canada and has supported survivors in individual and collective healing. She has facilitated groups of Indigenous women to learn about women’s teachings related to cultural identity and the impacts of colonialism. Dr. Absolon works in Indigenous re-search toward restoring Indigenous ways of coming to know and is passionate about generating re-search projects that reconnect methodologies to Indigenous worldviews, philosophies and traditions.

Speaking on Thursday , October 27, 2022