Lenathening and activating the muscles helps reduce tightness and tension in the bodv

July 22, 2021

Stretching muscles improves everyday functional health and mobility.

Try this stretch to open up and lengthen the front body.
• Lie on your stomach with legs together and straight behind you while lengthening your tail toward your heels to protect your lower back; exhale
• Inhale and bring elbows directly beneath the shoulders, focusing on reaching your nose forward
• Stay here for a moment and see what arises for you in this position
• If you’d like to explore further, bend the knees as if to bring the feet towards the buttocks, but only as far as is necessary to feel a gentle lengthening throughout the front body; ribs, abdomen, fronts of the hips, and quadriceps (front of the upper leg)
• If tightness and tension result in the back from this, lower the upper body back to the floor to allow for the bend in the knees that suits you in order to feel the stretch in the upper legs

In yoga, this position is called the “Sphinx Pose.