Oneida Legend: The Corn Spirit was useful to her people helping make mats, baskets, and more.

August 20, 2021

These faceless dolls continue to serve as a reminder never to think you’re better than someone else.

One day the Corn Spirit asked the Great Spirit if she could provide something different for her people. With the Great Spirit’s permission, she made corn husk dolls to bring joy to children throughout the land.
However, there was one corn husk doll that was sung praises for her beauty. One day she looked into a pool of water and admired how beautiful she was. The doll began spending less time with the children
and more time staring at herself.
The Great Spirit was angry at her vanity and gave her a warning. When the doll didn’t stop, the Great Spirit punished her by taking away her face so that she could neither look at herself nor converse with the children ever again!