Prevalence and incidence of diabetes

November 18, 2021

The number of First Nations people living with diabetes is at an all-time high and the prevalence of diabetes is much higher among First Nations people than other people in Ontario.

The proportion of First Nations people with diabetes increased from 6.1% in 1995 to 14.1% in 2014, with the largest increase occurring among those over age 50 (from 27.7% in 1995/96 to 38.9% in 2014/15). Diabetes prevalence is increasing at a faster rate among First Nations children compared with other children in Ontario. From the data available, we cannot tell if this increase is driven by type 1 or type 2 diabetes, but we expect that it is likely type 2.

While the overall number of diabetes cases is still high, the number of new cases (incidence) diagnosed each year has decreased in First Nations people. Between 1995/96 and 2014/15, the proportion of First Nations people newly diagnosed with diabetes decreased from 2.0% to 1.5%; however, First Nations children continue to account for the majority of new cases.

We should get the Queen’s University researchers to conduct IDHC webinar:

  • Dr. Baiju Shah
  • Dr. Shahriar Khan
  • Dr. Carmen R. Jones
  • Dr. Roseanne Sutherland
  • Dr. Kristen Jacklin
  • Dr. Jennifer D. Walker
  • Elliot Frymire
  • Dr. Jan Hux

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