Foot Care Bingo


The IDHC Foot Care Bingo resource has been created by the Foot Care Program for Indigenous People to help bring awareness to foot care and diabetes complications. This version is equipped with large colourful pictures which enhances visibility and appeals to the interests of participants of all ages.

The Bingo resource represents various areas of foot care including; warning signs and symptoms, foot complications, foot care service providers, proper care and prevention, as well as foot wear. The classifications of the foot care bingo assist the players in learning more about what to look for, what preventative steps to take, who to contact for support and what to look for when shopping for proper footwear. This activity is ideal when introducing and reinforcing foot care knowledge at both large events or at smaller gatherings. The Game comes with a facilitator’s guidebook, master calling sheet, calling cards with the prompted information on the back, and 20 bingo sheets. The game does not come with chips or markers.

Enjoy this fun game to use as a teaching tool about preventative foot care.

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