Time of the Harvest Moon. Cultivate Inner Peace

September 17, 2021

Seasonal change is a visual cue to begin preparations for winter. It is harvest and preservation time! Making blueberry jam. Dancing wild rice. Smoking fish. Hunting waterfowl. These are all great ways that promote physical health.

Anishinabemowin Word Of The Week
Gligoonh (Fish)

Ask permission of the ones whose lives you seek to harvest. Abide by the answer. Share your harvest, as the Earth has shared with you. To paraphrase Robin Kimmerer, “In gratitude, in ceremony, through acts of practical reverence and land stewardship, in fierce defense of the places we love, in art, in science, in song, in gardens, in children, in ballots, in stories of renewal, in creative resistance, in how we spend our money and our precious lives, by refusing to be complicit with the forces of ecological destruction” honour your harvest.