Traditional Knowledge


IDHC’s Traditional Knowledge Program combines traditional wisdom with current diabetes education, while incorporating First Nation’s, Métis, Inuit and mainstream influences. This program also supports Frontline Workers to plan, prepare and present relevant information about diabetes while also educating on Indigenous perspectives on health and wellness.

Our Program has two key learning goals. First, our goal is to provide culturally influenced content while educating on health and wellness as it relates to diabetes. Second, our goal is to influence and inspire Front Line Workers to empower their participants in a safe learning environment that helps to nurture self awareness.

Our program offers front line workers with a number of individual workshops and trainings including:

  • First Aid Training for Front Line Workers
  • 13 Grandmother Moons Curriculum Training
  • Monthly Health and Wellness Webinars
  • Culturally Appropriate Resource Development
  • Seven Generations Gestational Diabetes Program
  • Foot Care Assessment Level 1 Training
  • Networking with community health and wellness experts for workshops or presentations on specified topics
  • Walk the Talk in Health and Wellness
  • Diabetes Education Portal (coming soon)
  • Physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health

Based on the teachings of Grandmother Renée Thomas-Hill, to reclaim the overall health of our ancestors we need to reclaim the traditional knowledge of health and wellness from a holistic approach. Our teachings are seen as a tool to support participants on their personal journey into restoring their mental, spiritual, emotional and physical balance and well-being, so they can better support their own communities.

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Grandmother Renée Thomas-Hill