Waasnooden/Wawatay Project Wind Blowing/Northern Lights Community Progress Report Treaty #3

April 1, 2023

The Waasnooden/Wawatay Project is honoured to launch its first community newsletter. This project will reduce the impact of diabetes across generations by developing community capacity to educate, train and support awareness and prevention of Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes among youth. The project will also support youth to develop and maintain positive, culturally grounded health behaviours to be carried into their reproductive and parenting seasons of life.

This project focused on Indigenous youth in the Treaty #3 region will:

1. Build community capacity by training Frontline Health Workers (FHWs) in diabetes program development and facilitation;
2. Develop networks among primary care providers, FHWs and youth in Treaty #3;
3. Gather youth ambassadors and FHWs to co-create and deliver culturally grounded diabetes awareness programming.

The project will be evaluated at each stage and keep you updated. The outcome will be culturally grounded, youth-identified, peer-led and FHW supported programming and resources that provide continuity and extend reach.


Leadership includes health promotion, training, education and programming staff located at IDHC, KCA and WNHAC.

The partners are already meeting and developing needs assessments and curriculums. Staff training is set to occur in the fall. We will keep you posted

For additional information or to share your comments, contact Sara Sayed, Project Coordinator, at C. 289-407-1033 or waasnoodenproject@idhc.life